Response to so called “Christian” Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage

Here are a few arguments that I’ve come across in favor of same-sex marriage in the Church. Now, when I say “The Church” I mean the universal church, not necessarily the one that I serve. There are many who claim to be a christian that I have found supporting same-sex marriage, because of arguments as such below. I’ve listed a few of them and my response to such claims. I’m sharing this not to attack anyone or for this to be used in such a manner. I am sharing and clarifying what I believe and why I believe it. I hope this will be a help to those that read it.

1. Jesus doesn’t say anything against homosexuality.  This is a very weak argument that is used consistently by people and even churches to justify their stance on same-sex relations. Here’s the thing though, there are other sins in the Bible that Jesus doesn’t speak of. The Gospels don’t cover every single thing that Jesus did and said. Also, we don’t have Jesus speaking out against Bestiality, but does that make it ok? No. He doesn’t speak out against incest, but does that make it ok? No. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to compare and even say that homosexuality and bestiality are the same thing at all or even are on the same level, because they are not. My point is, if you only went off of what Jesus doesn’t mention, then you leave out a great deal of what the Scriptures say. When you have to go to an argument of silence to prove your point, then that tells me that you really don’t have much ground to stand.

2. Same-sex relations are found in nature, so it must be God intended. I hear this one often. I really find this point made in a roundabout way in movies and tv shows. Some bring up that dolphins, penguins and other animals enter into same-sex relationships and sometimes for the rest of their lives, so therefore it must be natural and ok for us to do it too. My response, not everything in nature should be considered natural for humans. Praying mantis females eat their mates after intercourse, this is found in nature, but should it be natural for us too? NO. Hippos will sometimes kill their male child, because of fear that it might one day rule the herd and have power of them. Should this be considered natural for us too? NO, of course not. Just because something is found in nature it does not mean that it should be natural for us too.

3. People are born gay and God wouldn’t allow that if it was really a sin.  First, there has never been any scientific proof that people are born gay. At least not to my knowledge and research. But what if there is a discovery that people are born with a homosexual desire? Would that make it ok then? The answer is no. Here is why, I am a male. I have a strong desire for women. Every heterosexual male, if he is honest, would admit that he would like to sleep with every beautiful woman that he sees. The desires are strong and one may say that we are born that way, so does that justify us going out and doing just that? NO. That is still sin even though we have that desire that we are born with. It’s part of our fallen nature. As men we need God’s grace and mercy daily to stay faithful to the spouse that we are married to or the woman that we have yet to marry. Just because you have an urge doesn’t mean you have to act on it. We don’t act on every urge we have, because deep down we know that there is a higher moral standard that we must keep. Then one last point on this topic, this confuses me from the LGBTQ community. They say that you are born gay, but you can choose your gender. So, for them, sexual desire is part of your DNA, but gender itself is a choice that one can make. Not trying to sound mean here, but I pure out don’t understand that. Seems the other way around to me. Gender is what you are born to and you can choose your sexual preference. That seems more logical to me.

4. The Bible isn’t clear about Homosexuality or marriage. This too is a flawed argument. The Bible is actually clear about homosexuality being a sin (1 Cor 6:9-11 ) And when scriptures talk about marriage, it’s  between a man and a woman (Eph 5.) I know there are some that try to say that Paul is being misinterpreted and that we have gotten the original language wrong. I find that foolish. The church has interpreted homosexuality as a sin for thousands of years. Those closest to the original writings do not differ with us today. Those who make these arrangements pull scripture out of context or try to revise it. Now there are parts in the Old Testament that speak about marriage in different terms than a union of man and woman. These are historical accounts and are not meant to be used in a prescriptive manner. Fallen man would try to come up with rule and regulations about these unions, but they are still flawed and in opposition to God’s establishment of marriage that is evident throughout the Bible.

I want to end with this, I do NOT hate gay people. If you are gay and you would like to attend my church, you are more than welcomed. You will be loved and treated no different than anyone else. Whatever church that I am Pastor of will be a church that will never back down on truth and the Word of God, but we will also never stop loving people either. Contrary to what many believe today, I know that I can disagree with someone and not hate them.  I also know that not all will agree with me and that’s ok. I have a Biblical worldview and certain convictions, because of my faith in Jesus Christ. I know that the rest of the world will not see things and understand them the same way I do. I’m secure and confident enough in my beliefs and convictions that when people tell me that they think that I’m wrong, it doesn’t crush my world. I hope and pray that this is God honoring and a help to others. God Bless.

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