10 Reasons Why Beards are Great

In honor of “No Shave November” I give you 10 reasons why I think growing a beard is a good idea.

  1. Beards make you look more manly.
  2. A beard keeps your face warmer during the winter.
  3. Beards seem to be in style….. Actually, I’m not really sure what’s stylish, it changes too much and it confuses me…
  4. Beards make a younger guy look older.
  5. If you have an ugly face, a beard covers up part of it.
  6. Ladies really want to date guys with beards….. I hope…. at least they should… hint hint..
  7. The Duck Dynasty guys have beards and they’re cool and rich.
  8. It’s saves money on razors, shaving cream, and water.
  9. Men in the Bible had beards.
  10. Jesus had a beard and He is the Son of God. Enough said.

Spurgeon Beards


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