5 Things Single Guys Should Be Doing Right Now

1. Read/Study your Bible

In other words, grow in your walk with Christ. This ranks as one of the most important things you can be doing in your wait for your future wife. Grow in the word, grow in your faith, and grow in Godliness.

2. Pray Daily

Again, prayer is an important part of your relationship with Christ. First, pray for your own spiritual walk and the things going on in your life. Second, pray for your future wife.

3. Stop objectifying women 

Stop judging women by worldly standards. See if she matches up to the Proverbs 31 example, not the models in the magazine pictures. She was made for the glory of God, not your temporary pleasure.

4. Get a job and start a career

Pretty self explanatory. Can’t take care of a lady, if you have no job. Stop being lazy and get to work.

5. Eat healthier and exercise 

Start taking care of yourself. No girl wants a slob. I’m not saying turn into a bodybuilder, but let up on the junk food and go for a walk/run every once in a while. In other words, like #4, quit being lazy.

As a single guy, this is a list that I’m trying to follow. It’s not a complete list, but it’s a start. I’m trying to dig deeper in God’s word and in my prayer life. Not just for me, but for my future wife and family. I’m trying to practice Godliness better. I want God to control the way I look at a woman. I don’t want the world guiding me and setting the standards. I have a career and I’m trying to work harder in it. I’ve started to lay off the crap food and I’m exercising more. I’m living in preparation for my future wife and I’m praying she is doing the same. Through it all, I pray God is glorified and this blog helps you out.

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