It takes a Real Man to love a Woman

I’ve posted a couple of Facebook statuses giving relationship advice from the view of a single pastor. They seem to have gathered some interest, so I figured I would convert some of them into a blog. Here it goes, relationship advice from a single pastor…

Guys, Only a real man can love a woman. Anybody can say the words “I love you,” but only a real man can live it out. A boy can tell a woman that he loves her, but he can’t really prove it. It takes a real man to lead her spiritually. It takes a real man to honor her and to respect her. It takes a real man to protect her and provide for her. It takes a real man to make sacrifices for her well being and joy. Only a real man will pursue the woman, not wait for her to “make a move.” Only a real man can be a servant-leader to a woman. Only a real man can be the husband she deserves and only a real man will be the father her children need. If you tell her that you love her, then show it. Live it out everyday and not just when it is easy and beneficial to you. In the good and bad, care for her. She should never doubt your love for her. If she doubts, you’re probably doing something wrong. You are called to love her and care for her, not degrade her and use her for your pleasure. Step up and Man UP! If you can’t, then have the decency to end it with her, so you can go grow up and she can move on to a man that will treat her right.

If you want to be a real man, then learn from the creator of Manhood, God. You want an example of manhood, then look to Jesus. See how He loves. He didn’t just say that He loves us, He proved it. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. He didn’t wait for us to come to Him, He came to us, He pursued us. That’s the real love that only a real man can have and give. Want to be a real man? Become a man of God. It’s time to grow up and stop playing games.

Ladies, real men, like I have described above, do exist. They are harder to find, but, rarely, does anything worth having come easily. So, stop settling for boys disguised as men. Stop being so desperate for marriage that you take the guy that’s “good enough.” Wanting to be married is good, but it is not the goal of life. To glorify, know, and enjoy God is the goal of life. Marriage is a means to the goal. Stop trying to convert a boy into a man, that’s God’s job, not yours. Don’t give yourself away to a boy, there is a real man out there wanting to love you.

You want the perfect man? His name is Jesus Christ. Give yourself to him and then one of His sons, a real man, will pursue you. Why? Because you’re worth it. You’re a daughter of the King of Kings. You are a Princess, so live that way. Your life should reflect The Father’s Kingdom. Also, know, you should be treated as the Princess that you are. If the guy you are dating doesn’t love and treat you as Christ does, in other words, in a Godly manner, then leave him. If he is doing things that are pulling you away from The Father, instead of glorifying Him, then dump his sorry tail! Life is too short to be wasted, living outside of God’s will for your life, and it is never God’s will for you to be treated poorly. Woman Up and walk with Christ! Let nothing stop that from happening, especially some boy.

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